Love Your Life Summit – Product Launch

The Love Your Life Summit was a Summit Model Product Launch, which is quite popular in the Personal Development world.
The site had a very large team involved in many areas. There were a number of sites involved in the Prelaunch and also in the content delivery.

Love Your Life Summit Video Intro

The site had extensive set up involved was the vision of Manny Goldman from
Manny brought together many of the female Personal Development leaders and together with Marci Shimoff, she interviewed them on ways to love their life.
We had 20 Interviews being released during the Summit over 10 days – 2 interviews per day.  This required all 20 interviews to be filmed and edited within our time.
There were also a number of bonus interviews that were being done as additional content for the members, which added to the existing workload.
In order for the project to work, and work within the timeframe we had, I had to set up a process where Marci could interview people herself in person, and not require film crew to be with her every time, and also to be able to interview them online, if she wasn’t able to interview them in person.
Most of the interviews were done in person, as she was able to schedule them with her existing itinerary.
I told her what camera and mic, etc she needed, and also the setup she needed in order to do the interviews and make it look like a multi-camera shoot with only 1 camera.
After trialing various solutions and software, we also were able to record good quality interviews online that we were able to use within the Summit.
(If you would like to do something similar, please contact me and I can help you set this all up)
I created a template for how the videos should look for the Summit, and together with a video editing team we edited over 30 videos for the Summit.
I designed the intro lower third for the videos which was stylish and was in keeping with the existing branding for the Summit.

Love Your LIfe Summit Lower Third

Summit Video Lower Third

Love Your LIfe Summit Interview

Summit Video Interview

I also edited a number of Prelaunch and Sales videos throughout the launch.
For the Summit, the content was made available to people who opted into the site for 24 hours.  After that, the next set of interviews was made available. Members were able to access all interviews at any time, once they were a member.
The site used WishList Member and was integrated with Infusion for the payment gateway and the autoresponder.

[lightbox full=”” title=”Love Your Life Summit Member Page]
Love Your Life Summit Member Page

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[lightbox full=”” title=”Love Your Life Summit Video Page” alt=”Love Your Life Summit Video Page”]
Love Your Life Summit Video Page

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Video and audio delivery was through Easy Video Player to keep content secure and to avoid people downloading it.  There were PDF workbooks that were also available for each interview for the members, which were secured through WishList Member.
The content was also made into physical DVD’s, CD’s and Workbooks as part of the home study course.  I adjusted the video for DVD and encoded and created 10 DVD’s and 19 audio CD’s, together with other data and bonus CD’s.
I setup the DVD menus to reflect the styling and branding of the Love Your Life Summit website.
3 of each DVD and CD were then FedEx-ed to the fulfillment house to be then made into CD’s and DVD’s for delivery.
(They request that 2 be sent, just in case 1 gets damaged, so I did 3 for extra security.)
The Love Your Life Summit was not only just Product Launch with some Product Creation. I also set up routines and systems in place that allowed everything to happen in the timeframe we had.
I also managed the servers during the launch, which had a huge amount of traffic going to it.
This was a very large launch that required a lot of work, a number of systems in place to make it happen and a dedicated team to pull it all together, as well as train people to do technical things that they never thought they would ever be doing in their life.

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