How To Schedule A YouTube Upload

Being able to schedule the release of your YouTube videos, is one of the godsends on YouTube.  We have upload out video to YouTube – obviously!  But being there same time each week to be able to upload at our regular time isn’t always the easiest thing to do.
So step in Scheduling your YouTube video.

It’s actually quite a simple process. I all starts when you go to upload the video.
Click on Upload at the top of the page.  Before you drag the video onto that page, select “Scheduled” from the dropdown where it says “Public”.
Then drag your video on the page, or click on the button to find it on your hard drive and upload.
Then fill in the time and date you want your video to be released, the message you want sent to your YouTube Subscribers and/or to Google+, Twitter and Facebook.
If you want to schedule more videos, just click on the Add More button at the bottom of the page and add another one, following the same steps.
You could in effect, create 6 or 12 months worth of content, upload the lot and schedule them all to drip out on a regular basis over those 6 or 12 months.
If, when you go to the upload page, you don’t see Schedule from the dropdown, then you haven’t verified your YouTube Channel, which you will need to do.
Check out this video to do that – How To Become A YouTube Partner 2014.
And that’s basically how you can Schedule A YouTube Upload.
If you have any questions about this, let me know in the comments area, and I’ll be happy to answer them for you 🙂


  • Bob Dickson says:

    Hi David, I am attempting to create a School Reunion page on Youtube. How do I set it up so class members can upload videos of themselves?

    • David Walsh says:

      Hey Bob,
      Great idea for your reunion.
      What you would need to do is to set up the channel as a Google+ Page Channel – the one you make from inside your YouTube Channel (Profile Channel). This will allow you to give access to people to be able to upload videos.
      They will need to have a YouTube/Google+ account and you then add them as a Manager to that Channel. That’s the secure way to do it.
      Other than that, the only other thing you can do is to give them the logins to the Channel so they can upload videos. But that’s not very secure…
      Hope that helps, and hope you guys have fun at your reunion.

  • Eastan Trotchie says:

    I was wondering if you could answer this question for me. If I upload a video, set it to private and then change it to public at a later date, will this have the same effect as a scheduled upload? More precisely, will it tell my subscribers that I have published a new video when I change it to public or will it ignore that aspect?
    I’m only wondering because I’m not partnered, so I don’t have the scheduled upload feature but I’d still like to upload my videos early and have them published at a precise time, but only if it will notify my subscribers when I set it as public.
    Thanks in advance

  • myenemy says:

    Uh? Scheduled? My uploads don’t say that, only the three options, Public, Unlisted and Private. Maybe it’s for youtube partners?

  • Sandybvv says:

    Hi David! Will my subscribers be notified when my scheduled video is made public? I tried using the scheduled button before, like two years ago, but back then YouTube wouldn’t notify my subs when the video went live! So they got fewer views… I have two months worth of videos that I need to upload before I go away on vacations, because the internet where I would be staying is not that great, so I would love to schedule them so they can upload every week! But there is no point on doing that if my subscribers won’t be notified.., hopefully you can Answer my question! Thanks in advance!

    • David Walsh says:

      Hey Sandybvv,
      Yes, your subscribers will be notified. Make sure to add a note in the field. This will get sent when the video goes live.
      Adding that note will let people know your videos have been uploaded.

  • Amy says:

    Ok this is super, but how do I take this one step further and like a few minutes later maybe (or coordinate it somehow) so then I have a scheduled WordPress post go with with the video on my web site…”
    So I would like the youtube video so be scheduled and then time it so my post goes out with the video…is there a way to do this or how are you doing it??

    • David Walsh says:

      Hi Amy,
      There are actually WordPress Plugins that will do this for you.
      You enter in your channel – or any other channel for that matter – and as soon as a video is uploaded, it adds the video to your WP site and creates a post and publishes it.
      These plugins are paid plugins.
      I don’t have any names off hand but I definitely have seen them.
      Do a Google search and you can find them. Also search as that’s where a lot of them would be marketed.
      Hope that helps,

  • SapioiT says:

    My problem is: I was banned by AdSense (and i have no idea why), and after applying for partnership with youtube (again after it was deactivated once with AdSense), I found myself unable to chedule any uploaded video. Previously I used this function for every video I uploaded for about a year… Will I be able to have it back if I verify my website?

    • David Walsh says:

      Were you able to enable Monetization? You may need to do this step also to have Scheduling.
      If after trying that it still doesn’t work, verify your site, but that may not work either.
      Let me know how you get on.

  • shazzad says:

    Hello,I would be grateful if you tell me a process of download any caption or subtitle from youtube using firefox addons or any easy way ?

  • Ilko says:

    Hi David,
    The video is very clear. Although I still do not see the ‘schedule’ option in the dropdown menu (upload screen) in order to schedule video’s. My channel has been verified for a while now.
    Looking forward hearing from you.
    Regards, Ilko

    • David Walsh says:

      Hey Ilko,
      Have you enabled Monetization on your Channel. Sometimes you need to do this in order to get Scheduling to work.

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