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On YouTube, it’s regularly asked how to get more YouTube video views. It seems like a nightmare to do at times…
You’ve created a great piece of work, but how do you get those people who you know you can help to see your video, and to make a difference?
I got to spend some time with YouTube recently and they gave me their tips for anyone to get more YouTube video views.
So here are your 3 Top Tips to get more views on YouTube videos…

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Tips #1

The first thing YouTube recommends to get more views on their videos is to not upload everything at once.
They like to have content added regularly.  YouTube want your content to be serialized so that people come back again and again to view your videos.
If you can be like a TV program – going out with something new every week – that’s probably the best scenario.
You don’t have to upload every week.  You can add content every other week or once a month.  As long as it’s regularly uploaded to YouTube so that your viewers and subscribers get something new on a regular basis, that’s that YouTube are looking for.

Tip #2

YouTube recommend you use the resources that you have available to you to get the word out about your video.
Get your friends and family on Social Media to go to your video on YouTube, watch it, Like, Comment and Share, etc so it begins to get the word out there about your video.
When people Share your video on say Facebook or Twitter, their friends see it in their feed.  They usually have the same likes and interests so they will click on your video link and watch your video.
They in turn will Like, Comment, Share, etc which creates a snowball effect of viewers.
After a while, because you follow Tip #3, you’ll have a number of Subscribers to your Channel who will be waiting for your next video.  And that leads me to…

Tip #3

When you create Content People Want To Watch, people will naturally share it with their friends, especially on Social Media.
As I mentioned, people are friends with people who have the same or similar interests.  If they’re all into video games and you have a video about how to get to an advanced level in Tomb Raider 2013 then they’ll share that with  others on Facebook, etc, and you’ll get more views organically by having good content.
These may seem like simple tips, and they are.  But because they’re simple doesn’t make them any less effective.


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