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Create Amazing Surveys – Secure Membership

Create Amazing Surveys is a survey training course by Shannon McCaffery. This product was originally a physical product, comprised of books, DVD's and CD's and Shannon wanted to move everything online to be able to deliver the course without the need to send a product out.

CreateAmazingSurveys.com shows people how to use surveys to get a better understanding of their market and their customers to create and improve products and services provided by a company or individual.

Previous to the course being put online, a “big box of stuff” arrived on a person's doorstep about a week after they ordered, and they had to go through all the DVD's, CD's and books to master how to use surveys to improve their business.

But Shannon wanted to not have the hassle or cost of delivery, and wanted to

With CreateAmazingSurveys.com I had to get all the large AVI files that were rendered for the DVD's and all the audio and data files on the CD's  that were used to create the physical product and encode them to be able to be used for the Members Area.

Once I had them all, I resized all the videos and exported them for online delivery, making sure they were also playable on tablets as well as other mobile devices.

I redesigned the logo slightly to fit online and created the header and site styling in keeping with the branding of the physical product.

Shannon was delighted with the way the site turned out, and how the branding was successfully carried across to the site.

Create Amazing Surveys

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Create Amazing Surveys

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I used Easy Video Player for the video and audio delivery to keep the files secure. WishList Member and OptimizePress were used for the secure members area, and 1ShoppingCart was the payment gateway.

The product was broken up into various modules to make it as intuitive and easy to follow as possible, with everything laid out so that everyone could easily follow the whole course without any issues.  This was done in order to reduce refunds, keep stick rates up and to make the site easy to consume so people could take action immediately.

The layout has proven to be a success with refunds to a minimum, and product consumption very high and members putting the training into action shortly after getting access to the course.

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