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Add A Featured Channel To Your YouTube Channel

Adding a Featured Channel to your YouTube Channel is a great cross promotion technique. If you have other successful YouTube Channels, or you have a friend who does, you/they can add your Channel as a Featured Channel to their YouTube Channel. If you're starting another YouTube Channel and you want to get some quick traffic from your existing Channel(s) you ...

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Protect Yourself From The Lastest Google+ Update

Google+ have recently changed their Terms of Service.  Normally these things are pretty harmless, but in this case, it's not so much… Google have an eye on your comments on Google+ and eventually YouTube, and also any reviews you make about products and post on YouTube. So what are they looking to do with them..?

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New YouTube Updates – And How They Affect You – Important

Ok, new YouTube updates, as well as updates with Google+, have been happening.  I guess there isn't a week that there isn't something updating somewhere on YouTube and Google+. Well this time, they're pretty significant, and one in particular, can mean your name and words popping up without you even knowing you gave permission for it to happen.

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Pricing Your Online Products To Make You Money

As product creators, we create our online products with our knowledge and expertise to make money. But when starting out, we may keep the products at a lower price to get customers into our Members' Area. But as a long term strategy, this can actually make you go broke. Here are 2 simple strategies you can put to work for ...

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