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Love Your Life Summit Main

Love Your Life Summit – Product Launch

The Love Your Life Summit was a Summit Model Product Launch, which is quite popular in the Personal Development world. The site had a very large team involved in many areas. There were a number of sites involved in the Prelaunch and also in the content delivery.

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WishList Member Tutorials – Secure Site

WishList Member Tutorials is the premiere online training for WishList Member. It was developed by me as I had a lot of people asking me about all aspects of WishList Member, so I created the training program to fulfill the need by the market.

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Primus Dental Solutions – Secure Site

Jason Drewelow from Primus Dental Solutions wanted a secure site for his clients to use for Project Management, as well as marketing. Primus build Dental Surgeries, and their average cost is $1m+ and so had some very special requirements.

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Bootcamps On Demand – Fitness Site

Bootcamps On Demand is a monthly Continuity site that offers fitness training and fitness information every week to its members. Scott Colby gives a new Fitness Bootcamp every month as part of the membership as well as loads of content and info to stay healthy.

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Smart Cookies

Smart Cookies – Rich For Life Action Plan

SmartCookies’ Rich For Life Action Plan is a monthly Continuity Membership set up in WishList Member, with payments going through 1ShoppingCart. With a few hundred members, this site is more than successful for their business.

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WebTennis Players Membership Site is a Membership Site by Brent Abel. This site uses a large amount of video, secured with WishList Member on WordPress going through 1ShoppingCart. A lot of infrastructure changes that needed to be done in order for the site to work properly.

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Blueprints To Profits – Product Launch

Blueprints To Profits is a program by Paul Lemberg. This Product Launch happened in 2010, and I set up the whole Product Launch Site, Secure Members Area, JV Blog, etc. The site was integrated with 1ShoppingCart, WordPress and Digital Access Pass.

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Canyons And Crags – Secure Site

Canyons And Crags is a site for Canyoneering which was developed my Rich Carlson. The site is for members of the Canyoneering Association. Members get benefits like discounts to product and merchandise, as well as training for Canyoneering.

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Ninja Traffic Dojo

Ninja Traffic Dojo – Membership Site

Ninja Traffic Dojo is a training product for online traffic generation created by my friend Zed Shah. Ninja Traffic Dojo has many parts, the last one being the London Sessions, which was a workshop held by Zed in London.

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Jo Barnes Testimonial

Jo Barnes Testimonial – 6 Figure Launch With 1 Tweak

On a recent Product Launch by Jo Barnes for her Social Networking Academy product, a quick conversation I had with her over a glass of wine more than Doubled her income from the launch – which was all pure profit. See how happy Jo was with the results she got – all from one simple

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