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Get More Subscribers And Click Thrus From YouTube Videos

Getting more subscribers and more click throughs on your videos is vital for any marketer or entrepreneur looking to maximize their video marketing strategies. If you can increase the number of people who become a subscriber to your YouTube Channel and/or click through to your website where you can get them on your list, or

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External Links From Your YouTube Videos in Annotations

You can now link directly to your website using Annotations in your YouTube videos…  Woohoo!! This is the day many of us have been waiting for, and now it’s finally here. So what does this mean..? Well, it means a lot! If you’re using YouTube as your main source for video marketing, then you know

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John Rich On Business 2

What Celebrity Apprentice Winner John Rich On Business Pt2

In the second part of what Celebrity Apprentice Winner John Rich shared at the GKIC Super Conference this year, I’m going to share with you how one person in the audience not only got John Rich’s attention but also got a Celebrity Endorsement from him for her products. Watch the video, and see this simple

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Jason Drewelow Testimonial – David Exploded My Business

Jason Drewelow owns a Dental Office Solutions/Construction company, and the work that was done on his site, together with Shannon McCaffery, grew his clients from a typical 5-10 clients per year, to currently working with 27 right now, which is over 5 times his normal business. 27 clients may not seem like a lot, but

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Zed Shah Testimonial

Zed Shah Testimonial – I Use David On All My Projects

Zed Shah is an Online Marketer in the UK and has been behind many 6 figure and 7 figure launches in the past few years. He’s responsible for working on successfully bringing many products to market in the ClickBank space, and most recently was the JV Manager for the very successful launch of Chris Farrell’s

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Shannon McCaffery Testimonial

Shannon McCaffery Testimonial – Hire Him!

Shannon McCaffery is a Product Launch Manager and also a Marketing Implementation Specialist. She has used many people to implement marketing strategies and set up marketing funnels for herself and her clients. Shannon shares her positive experience of working with me and why she finds working and partnering with me one of the best things

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MyTravelResearch – Membership Site

MyTravelResearch is a travel research and marketing site aimed at the Tourism Sector in Australia. This site had considerable customisation on the theme, with WishList and also with the addition of a Forum and Consulting Services offered.

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Create Amazing Surveys

Create Amazing Surveys – Secure Membership

Create Amazing Surveys is a survey training course by Shannon McCaffery. This product was originally a physical product, comprised of books, DVD’s and CD’s and Shannon wanted to move everything online to be able to deliver the course without the need to send a product out.

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