Add A Branded Video To The Beginning Of Your YouTube Videos

Add A Branded Video Clip To Your YouTube Videos

YouTube recently added the ability to add a branded video clip to the beginning of some or all of your YouTube videos.
Now you’re able to add a quick intro video to your YouTube videos in one go. And in this article, I’m going to show you exactly how you do it – just like the video on this page!

This is one of the simplest things to do with your YouTube videos, which is something for YouTube.
The steps are very easy.
Create a short  video clip with your branding on it, 3 seconds or less.  It can only be 3 seconds or less.  Anything longer will not be recognised to be used by YouTube.
To add a branding video to the front of your videos, go to your Dashboard, and then click on ‘Channel Settings’ on the left hand side, then to ‘InVideo Programming’. If you scroll down you will see a new feature, here, ‘Add a Branding Video Intro’.
Click on the button there, and you will see your video that’s 3 seconds or shorter and is Unlisted, in your ‘Video Manager’. Make sure the video is Unlisted in your ‘Video Manager’, so it doesn’t show up in your YouTube channel.
If you have more than one video that will work here, obviously, it will show here. When you have one available, click on it and click on ‘Save’. Now, you have the option to apply it to all of your videos, all uploads or uploads after a specific date.
If you want your branding video to on videos to be applied to your video uploads after 1st of May, then select the date from the dropdown on the right. If you want to add it to all uploads, then select that.
Once you’ve made your choice, click on ‘Update’ and your branding video will be added to your videos.
You’ll then see a notice ‘The branding intros are currently being processed on X (the number of videos being processed) videos, please, wait for processing to complete before selecting a different branding intro’.
That’s how you add a branded video clip to the front of some or all of your videos on YouTube. So if you want to have branding on all your videos, now, you can with that extra functionality that has been added.
If you want to see an example of this, play the video below and you’ll see the clip I added to that video.
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