168 Hour Week

You want to

  • Eliminate Procrastination?
  • Be More Productive?
  • Be More Effective?
  • Achieve More?
  • Make More Money?

Then this is a book that you definitely need!
I’ve had the pleasure to not only have met and learned from Kevin Hogan, but also to spent time with him and enjoyed his company.
When Kevin asked me to read his new book, “The 168 Hour Week” I jumped at the chance. Everything I’ve read of Kevin’s totally rocked my world in regards to what I needed it for. Kevin mentioned this book when we met last and now it was ready. His book on how to beat Procrastination and be immensely productive was now borne and I got the chance to read it.
I actually took the day off to read it. No work was going to get done that day. Kevin sent me a copy and I had it in my hand ready to read it from cover to cover.
So, was it worth taking the day off to see what Kevin had to say?
YOU BET! As with everything else Kevin has written, it’s brilliant.  And I’m not just saying that.
When I was with Kevin last, he alluded to how we as humans work in a specific way and that the time management programs that are out there don’t fit in with how we work naturally.  Kevin had developed a way to work that is productive, effective and that makes money in a very easy package.
This is more than a time management strategy, it’s a total mind shift in how to work.
And to launch the book, Kevin, and many of his friends have set up some exclusive bonuses when you buy The 168 Hour Week today.
Whether you buy one or two copies of this hardcover you will get a NUMBER of NEW and never before released gifts from Kevin on downloadable audio including an abundance of new material from Kevin about Covert Hypnosis, Subliminal Persuasion and Wealth. Six + HOURS for your ipod. And that’s just from him!
And then there is what his friends put into the bag of gifts too!
When you buy the book, all you need to do is to email the receipt to mytime [at] kevinhogan.com and you’ll get the exclusive gifts from him and many of his friends.
When you buy 2, email the receipt to twocopies [at] kevinhogan.com and you’ll get an exclusive audio of the book read by Kevin himself, which is never going to be released. Definitley worth getting the extra one as a Christmas present!
Ok, I’m off to order quite a few copies for family members who need some better skills to sort out their time!  The 168 Hour Week is definitely worth a read, and then some.  It’s definitely one of Kevin’s best books to date.  If I’m a bit obvious that I want you to buy it, well I am.  He’s a friend and I want the book to be #1 on Amazon.  If you want better your productivity, eliminate procrastination, become as effective as you can be, then this book is for you.  Buy it now and you’ll also help a friend.



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